The Complete Stamp Brush Masterclass in Procreate

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  • 12 video lessons (60 min)
  • Course Guide PDF with workflow tips
  • Stampbrush set for Procreate
  • Additional resources for Procreate

File Size: 40.5 MB
You’ll receive a ZIP file that includes a brushset file, Procreate file, Procreate Color Palette and a PDF.
Requirements to take this class: Procreate (Procreate 5.2), iPad, Apple Pencil.

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Create Your Own Stamp Brushes in Procreate

In this course, you’ll learn everything there is to know about stamp brushes in Procreate, while making a retro still life illustration from scratch. Learn to create consistent work with stamp brushes and gain confidence in using the Brush Studio in Procreate.


What are stamp brushes? They are individual, reusable shapes that you can use over and over again in your illustrations. Learn to make them from scratch, while we create our own still life illustration with our stamp brushes.





Make your own collection of stamp brushes and put them to practice right away. After completing the class, you will have a collection of your own stamp brushes that will be ready to use in your future illustrations, plus a beautiful still life with patterns and elements that you can reuse.

We’re going to start with the basics of brushes in Procreate, so you can easily take this class as a beginner. If you’re already familiar with stamp brushes, you can follow along with me and create a still life illustration using your own collection of brushes.

If you’re looking to develop your own style or if you’re just looking for a fun project, this is the class for you!





1 review for The Complete Stamp Brush Masterclass in Procreate

  1. Nicole

    Really glad I bought this! The PDF guide and videos were really easy to follow and super helpful. Also, LOVE all the brushes. Thanks!

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