lettering rotulacion madrid illustration claire makes things

Hello! I'm Claire, I make things. I'm a lettering artist who helps creatives and brands get more eyes on their work!

clairemakesthings hand lettering in Madrid

Creating real

I work with businesses, cafes, restaurants and shops globally. My work will get you noticed and create results that work for your business.

clairemakesthings hand lettering in Madrid

A clear

I create designs that work for your customers, making sure your strategy is clear and your branding is engaging.

clairemakesthings hand lettering in Madrid

A variety of mediums


I work with a multitude of lettering mediums, including chalkboard pens, acrylic paint, print and digital illustration.

clairemakesthings hand lettering in Madrid

I’m a lettering artist and illustrator based in Madrid. I specialize in chalkboard designs, murals and lettering projects.


I pride myself on providing custom artwork for people & businesses who care about their aesthetic as much as I do. I work with bigger brands as well as small businesses trying to improve their visual branding, to increase sales and decorate their business. 


I love sharing my knowledge & expertise with fellow creatives. So, in addition to client work, I teach workshops to share my process and techniques.


To get in touch, you can connect with me via email (claire@clairemakesthings.es) or stay up to date with my work on Instagram!