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Hi there! My name is Claire & I make things. I’m an illustrator & lettering artist who helps creatives and brands get more eyes on their work.

Learn how to build your mini collection of greeting cards in Procreate, using lettering, pattern design and more!

In this new Skillshare class, I’ll show you my step-by-step process on how to create a collection in Procreate. By the end of this class, you’ll have your own collection of festive greeting card designs, plus a strategy for building your collections in the future!

I’m a lettering artist and illustrator, who specializes in funky retro designs, chalkboard designs and lettering projects. I pride myself on providing custom artwork for people & businesses who care about their aesthetic as much as I do. I also really like food, cocktails and puns. Here’s a bit more about me.

I love creating iPad art & illustration, which I teach in my Illustration & Procreate classes. For Procreate resources, tutorials and tips, have a look at my blog. To get in touch, you can connect with me via email ( or stay up to date with my work on Instagram.


This guide is a treasure trove of indispensable tools, resources, and insider tips specially curated for illustrators, surface designers, and artists like you. Here’s what you’ll discover inside:

  • Essential Tools
  • Productivity Boosters
  • Freelancer Insights
  • Online Marketing Mastery

illustration, procreate classes and resources for creatives

Level up your illustration skills with my creative classes and resources.


Learn how to draw in Procreate with my favourite brushes and handy step-by-step guides.


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Illustrator & lettering artist who helps creatives and brands get more eyes on their work
Illustration and Procreate classes

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