AI in Illustration: What is Next?

Did you know a few changes are coming to the world of AI in 2024? In the fifth episode of the Brushing Up podcast, Cody and I talk about artificial intelligence and the changes in the illustration industry. We discuss the pros and cons and why this is an important topic right now. 

Overview of this episode:
0:00 Intro
00:38 Why now?
01:55 What is AI?
06:36 The Pros
19:40 The Cons
34:28 Human Creativity

What I loved most about our chat is discussing adjacent topics like the world of signpainting, printing, Andy Warhol and post-modernism. If you’re curious about something in particular; every time we discuss a relevant topic or source, you’ll find it in our video, or as a link in the description!

There was so much to talk about, that we continued our chat a bit longer. In this second part, we’re discussing what is changing in the world of AI and the illustration industry this year, and the impact it has on creativity. We’re discussing what is changing in the world of AI next year, ownership, artists’ rights and more. We also share a few tips on protecting your art online and communities you can become part of. 

Overview of this episode:
00:00 Intro
01:15 Problems in the industry
15:20 Who owns AI art?
18:07 Protection of data and copyright
22:19 Associations and Tools
24:37 Petitions
25:52 Conclusion

The associations and communities we share are mostly based in the EU and the US, since that’s where we are involved (check the description for all the links). However, we’d love to hear about other illustrator’s associations you recommend checking out in your area. Please share them with us in the comments on Youtube, or send us a message!

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