How to Make Powerful Work in a Series

I’m so excited to share something new with you all. Surface designer Cody Alice Moore (who you know from our collaborative blog posts) and I have been working, in secret, on a new passion project, and it’s finally out in the world!

We want to educate and empower creatives through inspiring talks in something called Brushing Up. Our goal is to help other creatives in their artistic journey, streamline their workflow, talk about relevant industry topics and share our thoughts.

You can find us on Youtube right over here!

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If you missed the first episode on traditional and digital media, you can find it right here. We’re diving right into the second episode, which is all about illustrating in collections. I wrote two blog posts on Cody’s blog about this exact topic. I explain my creative process and how working in series has helped me get client projects. In this episode, we cover:

• The benefits of working in collections
• A sneak peek into client projects I’ve worked on
• Tips for your illustration portfolio and how to attract the right clients
• How to develop your personal style
• Ways to streamline your workflow

Stay tuned, or subscribe to my newsletter for updates, because we’ve got two more episodes coming out soon on this topic! In the next episode, we’ll give some more tips on planning collections and how to streamline your process.

Check the next episode here: Brushing Up Ep 3 – Making Powerful Personal Work

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