The Pun Toolkit

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-10 Procreate Brushes
-Reference Guide PDF
-Demo video
-BONUS: 2 Streamlined brushes + Menu Design tutorial
File Size: 21.1MB
You’ll receive a ZIP file that includes a brushset file and a PDF
Requirements: Procreate (Procreate 5.2), iPad, Apple Pencil


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This set contains my favourite textured brushes and stamps for creating puns in Procreate. Use this set for flat illustrations, creating shapes, adding texture and drawing letters. I also turned my favourite retro stars into stamps so you can use them yourself!

All brushes are optimized for Procreate and the Apple Pencil. Two of the main brushes, the ‘shape pen brush’ and the ‘messy sketch brush’, come with a streamlined version to give you that extra bit of control. The standard versions produce slightly rougher and free-flowing lines.


Puntastic Toolkit brushes for Procreate


The reference guide will show you how to install and use the brushes. There is also some extra inspiration in there so you can start drawing puns right away. If you want to create your own menu design with puns, you’ll find a guide for this at the end!

Puntastic Toolkit brushes for Procreate

Are you making a Tea-rrific Procreate illustration with the brushes?  Send me an email or tag me on Instagram to get featured in my newsletter:


Puntastic Toolkit brushes for Procreate

8 reviews for The Pun Toolkit

  1. TheArtisticMushroom (verified owner)

    I really loved trying out these new brushes. Using them for tattoo designs may have not been their intended purpose, but they worked perfectly! They’re very smooth and easy to use and have very good blending aspects to them. Definitely will be using them more often in my daily work.

  2. Victoria (verified owner)

    The brushes are all cool and responsive and there’s a variety of them for sketching, outlines, stamps and textures, so it’s a totally complete set!
    Shape pen and messy sketch are great for basic colors and outlines.
    The texture brushes are cool for creating fun shadows 🙂
    A really fun part of the brush set are stamp brushes with various drinks and food, so you can create artworks using them, they were really useful for me.
    And I loved the stars stamps and paper dots as well to add a fun touch:)
    There’s also a guide which contains useful info about the brushes and how to create puns, it’s a nice addition to the brushes, and I would like to try the puns for sure!
    Totally recommend the set!

  3. Taylor Worthey (verified owner)

    I absolutely loved these brushes! They were so easy to use! I am digital artist who creates a lot of inclusive character portraits. Claire’s messy sketch streamline brush allows me to add texture and create a kinky look which I loved! Super fun brush pack and I highly recommend purchasing!!

  4. Jennifer Lorenz Studio (verified owner)

    What a fabulous brush set! It’s a great mix of brushes, variations, textures, and cool, quirky stamps. I’ve had a blast messing around and experimenting with these, and genuinely can’t wait to start using them in my own illustration work. Claire is a Procreate-pro, so these are responsive, well-designed, and super useful. Genuinely tough to pick a fav on these ones, but the dotted line is spectacular, and you can’t beat the messy sketch brush. For all the awesome brushes you get, this is a huge value for the cost. Definitely purchase these, you won’t regret it. I’m really looking forward to Claire’s next brush set!!

  5. Sanj B (verified owner)

    This brush set is Super value for money for what you get! Claire has put together a fantastic range of different brushes that work for every stage of your design piece. I really loved using the messy sketch brush for my initial draft and then finalising my draft by going over it with the ‘messy – streamline’, which is super smooth. My favourite part was using the dotty brush – it’s a lovely addition to using for the inside of big block lettering as well as adding it for extra jazz to your overall design.

    Claire’s signature drink and food stamps are also included which are amazing as additions to fun lettering pieces.

    The texture brushes are the icing on the cake and add some lovely dimensions to the overall piece. Overall the set is well worth it and I can’t wait to see what Claire releases next. 🙂

  6. Beth Schrack (verified owner)

    Claire has developed a wonderful set of brushes that can be used in so many ways. I think the messy sketch is probably my favorite, it’s the texture I think. I personally feel like these brushes have a mid-century vibe to them, with the star stamps and alcohol glasses. Made for a really fun set of brushes. I highly recommend them

  7. Gareth (verified owner)

    What cool brushes. Lovely collection. Great for adding that little bit of extra detail.

  8. Michelle Cornish (verified owner)

    I love this brush set. It has everything I need to make cute mid-century style illustrations (plus other styles too). I’m always finding my designs lack texture, so the Sandy and Chalky brushes are my favourites, but I also really love the drink templates and both styles of star stamps! Who am I kidding, I love them all! Highly recommend!

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File Size: 340 kb Requirements: Procreate, iPad, Apple Pencil This download includes: 8 Procreate Brushes PDF Brush Stroke Guide Procreate 4.1 or later required to install these brushes.*