Personal Projects and Goal Setting

Cody and I continued our conversation about creating collections (last episode here) to talk about personal projects and goal setting. It’s the perfect time to start planning some festive projects, or perhaps start early and plan something for the new year. I explain, in-depth, how I create a collection, from start to finish, for the festive season. In particular, this project, which started with a bunch of thumbnails last year: 

In this episode, we cover:

• How to set goals for your collection or passion project
• A few ways to set deadlines
• Time blocking and how to make time for personal work 
• How to visually plan your collection
• Tips for streamlining your work in Procreate 
• Advice in social media, printing and sharing your work 

00:41 Setting Goals
03:00 Brainstorming
06:15 Deadlines
14:02 The Rules
19:54 Texture and Colour
24:46 Social Media, Scheduling and Mockups
27:02 Conclusion

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• National Holidays:…

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Stay tuned, or subscribe to my newsletter for updates, because we’ve got one more episode coming out soon on this topic! In the next episode, we’ll give some more tips on following through on your projects, perfectionism and shiny object syndrome.

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